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multivalue parameter

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By: Betuca Buril - betuca

multivalue parameter

2003-03-13 13:22

Hello people!


I was trying to use Jasper with Ireport and i?ve got some questions. When i use a database connection with a SQL select it works realy fine. I used a field on the IReport toll ($F{field_name}). In another java class i needed to use a list of parameters, but i cant make it work. Does anyone knows how can i put on the report an Array( collection, list, ...) on a parameter?


Thanks for your help





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: multivalue parameter

2003-03-13 13:40




This smells like subreports combined with


You can pass your collection as a parameter,

but you need a subreport to iterate on it and

generate some output in the master document.


Check the "subreport" and the "datasource"



I hope this helps.







By: Enrico Goosen - enricogoosen

RE: multivalue parameter

2003-03-13 22:59

Further to what Teodor wrote...

Remember to set the parameter class to "java.lang.Object". Then cast it to the appropriate Type.

In my report I pass a HashMap as a parameter.

I've got a scriptlet that uses the HashMap to display totals in the Summary section of the report.

This might be useful in your case...if so, check out the scriptlet example, in the samples section.








By: Betuca Buril - betuca

RE: multivalue parameter

2003-03-17 12:19

Thank you guys! After your help a I made it work!


thanks again!







By: Jonathan - jtoczek

RE: multivalue parameter

2004-04-22 07:03

I have the same problem...how you solve?



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