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Printing header on each page - BUG ???

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By: mlori - mlori

Printing header on each page - BUG ???

2004-12-18 10:54


I made a report with 5 groups: G1,G2,G3,G4,EXT. EXT's isReprintHeaderOnEachPage property is set to true, and the same property for the rest of the groups is set to false.


The last 2 page of the report filled with data has the following structure:















Having no more detail on tha last page and #EXT group being closed already by the #EXT_footer followed by 3 more footers on the previous page, placing (whith no detail!!!) the already closed #EXT group's #EXT_header on the last page is wrong.

I think it should be only the #G1_footer on the last page, even if group EXT's isReprintHeaderOnEachPage is set to true(because there is no more record).


I hope it wasn't so hard to follow my description.


Is this a bug of jasper? Is there a solution to remove that header from the last page?


Thanks for Your help in advence.



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