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SAX based xml datasource

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By: ben - bension

SAX based xml datasource

2004-12-16 20:12

I am using a JRXmlDataSource as the datasource for my reports. However, some of my reports have very large amounts of data (30M-40M xml file). This results in OutOfMemoryErrors by the DOM parser from the JRXmlDataSource. This is because DOM builds an object representation of my XML datasource in memory. (Actually the problem will also happen outside the datasource if I just try to parse the xml file).


So I was thinking that if I had a SAX based xml parser then I wouldn't get these OutOfMemoryError's. Not being overly familiar with XML parsing I would like your collective opinion on these issues:


1. Is there any reason why this would not work or is not feasible?

2. Has anyone done this before and would be willing to share? or share ideas

3. Are there any traps or gotcha's to be aware of when trying to create a SAX based XMLDataSource?


thanks in advance


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