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Please help!! Groups - page break

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By: Yanil - yanil

Please help!! Groups - page break

2004-12-27 07:52


I have a report with 2 groups: one of them contais only a group header with data detail, and the other contains only a group header which contains simple sub report. I need to print each group's output in a new page. But it is not happening. I used isStartNewPage="true" tag also. But no use. Through isTitleNewPage="true" tag I can able to print a new page. But, it leaves empty page.


I found other posts with the same problem but anyone with a response.








By: Mike Warne - mwarne

RE: Please help!! Groups - page break

2004-12-29 18:31

The closest I came to fixing this is to set the Band attribute for your Group Header Band to "isSplitAllowed" = false.


then on you SubReport stretch your Summary section or some other section near the bottom of your subreport to make it fairly long, half a page or more.. This will make your subreport so big, that it must start on it's own page.

(It would be handy to have a <pageBreak> report element yes?)


The idea is to make the subreport big , that it is impossible to fit in the main report group band, and so Jasper must force a page break. This might not be exactly what you need however.


For myself, I had to make a simple Main Report with no detail, no title etc. Just 2 Groups. Each of the Groups have a single SubReport, The main Report, and another SubReport. I use a dummy select statement in my Main Report like "Select 'test1234'" to force the report engine to run my fake Main Report. I set the 'isSplitAllowed' to false for the group headers.


Try experimenting with isSplitAllowed first, then see where it gets you..

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