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Problem using stylized text

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By: Ganesh - pganeshkumar

Problem using stylized text

2004-12-22 11:44



I use the following piece of xml to generate my .jasper file:



<reportElement x="0" y="309" width="515" height="73"/>

<textElement isStyledText="true" textAlignment ="Justified" lineSpacing="Single" >

<font reportFont="TimesNewRoman_Default" isUnderline="false"/>




Please find enclosed the Terms and Conditions for Lehman Brothers International (Europe) ("LBIE") and an Addendum in respect of the business you undertake with and through the Paris branch of LBIE. The Terms and Conditions and the Addendum hereafter collectively are referred to as the <style isBold="true">"Service Agreement"</style>.]]>




I thought this would print "Service Agreemnt" in bold but it did not. Am I missing something?


I am using jasperreports-0.6.3 and itext-1.1.


Thanks and regards,






By: Ganesh - pganeshkumar

RE: Problem using stylized text

2004-12-22 15:48



I found that the problem was with NOT specifying the pdf font to use font in the style tag. I thought it would take it from the textElement's font tag. But it looks like it does not.


Sorry for the trouble.

With regards,


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