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Dynamic query and grouping

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By: Lalibela - lalibela

Dynamic query and grouping

2004-11-26 04:07

I want to design somehow generic report. Say a report for sales that comprise criterias such as age,sex,education, marital status, sale range ... all these fields will be choosen by the user. Some of the fields might be left empty/not choosen. Can I construct such kind of report by using group by in my query and design a single report template that will work with this...



I really thank you for your responses.








By: Tim Martens - victim04

RE: Dynamic query and grouping

2004-12-12 10:40


I would create my dynamic SQL statement in a servlet, based on the request parameters passed from the jsp.


Then, pass the SQL statement into your JR and use that to create the datasource for your report. Any null fields can be omitted in JR, so you shouldn't have a problem with that.


I do the same kind of thing by passing date ranges for my reports into JR to append to my "where" clause.




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