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HELP:Error running on another linux machine

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By: dodge2000 - dodge2000

HELP:Error running on another linux machine

2004-12-02 02:17

On one Redhat AS 2.1 machine, everything sounds OK. However, after coping all the related files to another machine of Redhat AS 2.1, errors were encounted while running, saying that:Errors were encountered when compiling report expressions class file. It seems the intermediate java file is of a little bit disorder, eg., the wrong words 'Throble', 'Intege' coming out, necessary semicolons disappearing.

The program is quite easy and the key statement is just as JasperManager.compileReportToFile(...).

So how could i deal with this puzzle.

Thanks in advance.





By: ivory - leslie877

RE: HELP:Error running on another linux machine

2004-12-03 15:56

Maybe some files were corrupted during transfer ??


If you could post some part of the error stack trace that you are seeing and referring to that might help others help you.

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