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SQL Error suberports executing

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By: goskar - goskar

SQL Error suberports executing

2004-11-28 10:20



i have got this SQL Statement in my subreport:




WHERE istleistung.kv_code= $P{kv_code} AND istleistung.vo_code=$P{vo_code} AND mitarbeiter.ma_code = istleistung.ma_code AND ISTLEISTUNG.IL_DATUM >= TO_DATE($P!{VONDATUM,,'%d,%m,%Y'}) AND ISTLEISTUNG.IL_DATUM < TO_DATE($P!{BISDATUM,,'%d,%m,%Y'}) GROUP BY mitarbeiter.ma_nname, mitarbeiter.ma_code

ORDER BY mitarbeiter.ma_nname, mitarbeiter.ma_code



I declared kv_code and vo_code as parameters and also declared it as <subreportParameter>.


In my SQL Statement this parameters are null and this error is written:


java.sql.SQLException: An illegal floating point number has been found in the statement.


Or maybe someone knows how i can interpret

@VO_CODE@ from SQL ( i wrote it as $P!{VO_CODE}


Thank you in advance,


Gosia R






By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: SQL Error suberports executing

2004-11-30 03:56




The $!P{} syntax only supports a single report

parameter name inside the {} characters.


What exactly do you mean by:








Thank you,


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