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Repeating Subreports?

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By: Tim Riemann - octoate

Repeating Subreports?

2004-11-22 02:04

Hi all,

I am trying to do some more complex reports. The report shall look something like this (I hope this is readable):



Login: testuser

Name: Test, User


Nr. Certificate Date Valid until

1 cert 1-1-2004 1-1-2006


Nr. Seminar Date Time Location

1 Test 1-5-2004 17:00 Bern



The problem is, that I have to get Login / Name with the first SQL query and then I have two different tables which are repeated over the complete report. I would like to use subreports for that, but I don't know how to give the data to them for each row. Does anybody have an idea how to do this or any idea of rearranging the tables?








By: Tim Riemann - octoate

RE: Repeating Subreports?

2004-11-22 02:59

I forgot to mention that I am using JRMapArrayDatasource.

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