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I can't see my exported report (only jprint)

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By: yoshimit - yoshimit

I can't see my exported report (only jprint)

2004-11-18 09:07

I * !


I made a report in iReport and test it... works fine.

When I call it from my class, everything goes fine, until I ask for show it.




- In my class I'm doing this:

JasperFillManager.fillReportToFile("test.jasper", parameters, jrRS);

JasperRunManager.runReportToPdfFile("test.jasper", parameters, jrRS);

JasperViewer.viewReport("teste.pdf", false);


in this last line, the error:

java.io.StreamCorruptedException: invalid stream header


I don't understand, because if I use the code below, it works:

JasperReport jr = JasperCompileManager.compileReport("teste.jrxml");

JasperPrint jprint = JasperManager.fillReport(jr, parameters, jrRS);

JasperViewer.viewReport(jprint, false);


please guys, some help will be very useful.







By: yoshimit - yoshimit

RE: I can't see my exported report (only jpri

2004-11-18 09:11

I forgot to say...


the file test.pdf is created...

so I think is a problem with viewReport().



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