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Automating multiple printers

2005 IR Help

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By: Geoff Drnec - gdrnec

Automating multiple printers

2004-03-15 09:19

Hi there,


I am trying to get the JasperManager to print to two different printers (depending on data) but don't know where to start. Because this is an automated job, I can't use the print dialog.


Is there any way to change the print service dynamically within Jasper?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.







By: JotaJotin - irracional79

RE: Automating multiple printers

2004-11-17 06:39

i have the same problem, i need to configure a printer to each report type and then use it by default. Anyone can help us?







By: craig b spengler - craigbs

RE: Automating multiple printers

2004-11-17 07:00






By: Chetan - someone_genius

RE: Automating multiple printers

2004-11-17 22:00

Well you need to us VBScript for that. But it will work only with IE, not sure about others.

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