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HashMap parameters and report query

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By: Udo Rader - daudo

HashMap parameters and report query

2004-11-15 09:32

I've a situation where I need to pass certain parameters through a chain of generic, reusable subreports that invoke a individual subreport in the end. What individual subreport this is is set in the main report.


in short:

main report => generic subreports => individual subreport


In order not to keep the subreports generic, I submit the individual subreport's parameters in a HashMap to the generic subreports (that pass them on and on until it reaches the individual subreport).


When the HashMap finally reaches the individual subreport, I would like to use the values stored in the HashMap to control the report query, but have failed so far.


This doesn't work:








p_id = $P{INBOUND_HASHMAP}.get("P_ID")




It is just wishful thinking that that works as written above, but is there a way to retrieve values from HashMaps (or any other object using its methods)?


Or maybe more general: (How) can one use parts of java code in the queryString? The $P!{...} trick does it not ...









By: joersch2 - joersch2

RE: HashMap parameters and report query

2004-11-16 05:02

Hi Udo,


i have the same problem. I could't find any way to solve the problem. I read in early threads the same problem, but no solution. I be anxious to read the solution.



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