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giving a DataSource to a subreport

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By: Hulama - hulama

giving a DataSource to a subreport

2004-11-15 08:32

Hi !!


This is a really hard question so I'll try to explain as good as I can.


I have to print a really difficult report and I use a subreport to print some data. I want to pass my subreport an ArrayList of objects as a DataSource but I'm not able.


the first thing I try to do is:


new JRBeanCollectionDataSource((mypack.myObject)$F(list).getArrayList())


but the compiler returns me an error:

CertEmpDat.java:134:?cannot?resolve?symbol symbol??:?class?JRBeanDataSource? location:?class?CertEmpDat


It has no sense cause class JRBeanCollectionDataSource belongs to JasperReports package.



The second thing I do is passing the field as a datasource. It doen?t returns me any error but It prints no data... and the data exists ;)



I dont know what to do and I'm in a hurry... some help?


Thanks a lot and forgive my english.

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