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By: YannCIM - cim301


2004-11-03 12:58



We are JasperReports 0.6.1 on Solaris.

We do not use a X server, so we set the system property java.awt.headless=true when the JVM starts. (Sun JDK)

Everything works well with Weblogic application server.

Now, we are trying to use our application with WebSphere 5.1 on Solaris. However, an error occurs with the DISPLAY when a report is generated. We use the same JVM and we set the same system properties as when we run under Weblogic (i.e no DISPLAY are defined in both environment).

Any inputs are welcome.


thank you









By: Shirley Goldrei - shirley

RE: JasperReport-Websphere-X11

2004-11-03 13:32

It has been quite a while since i last used Websphere, but I vaguely remember there were multiple places where JVM arguments could be set in Websphere config(since if I remember correctly Websphere can support multiple VM instances "vertical scaling").


Are you sure that you are setting the headless property in the correct place?


Just a thought..I hope it helps,






By: YannCIM - cim301

RE: JasperReport-Websphere-X11

2004-11-04 06:51



Thank you for the input.

It was exactly what you describe, we set the system properties in our startup script of the websphere platform. It seems that it was not the right place...

Now, we set our system property needs directly to the server instance through the Administration console of websphere, in fact it is written in server1.xml.

More information available at



thank you

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