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I can't even...

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By: aviator501 - aviator501

I can't even...

2004-11-03 23:16

I can't even have iReport runnin on my PC! It displays "No Class defined error." It's author noted that I should compile it first. But How?!!!!!!!... No build file!!!!!!... People!!!!! can't you understand?!!!!!


Also, That documentation re subreport is incomplete for ages!!!!





By: Tobias Gaekle - ike987

RE: I can't even...

2004-11-04 00:25

i'm afraid creating new threads and whining won't get you very far.


about indenting paragraphs, i see no easy way to do this with jasper. the elements you can define are not horizontally dynamic. maybe you should look at a different tool, have a look at iText or something similar.


iReport has a different forum, and if you post a (more detailed) error description there, they might help you. the iReport homepage also features an animated(!) guide on how to use subreports.



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