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Hibernate Session is not JRFillParameter

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By: Teunis Gaelbhain - teunis_gael

Hibernate Session is not JRFillParameter

2006-08-14 15:43

I'm working programmatically with Hibernate and Springframework's JasperReportsMultiFormatView. I'm attempting to create a JRQueryExecuter using the JRHibernateQueryExecuterFactory, but I can't seem to pass in my Hibernate Session. Line 103 of JRHibernateQueryExecuter is looking for the Hibernate Session amongst the parameters:


session = (Session) getParameterValue(JRHibernateQueryExecuterFactory.PARAMETER_HIBERNATE_SESSION);


However, the getParameterValue method calls the getParameter method of JRAbstractQueryExecuter (line 142) which casts all values to JRFillParameter. JRFillParameter has a protected constructor, so I don't see a way of wraping a Hibernate Session with JRFillParameter and placing it into the parameter map that I pass into the JRQueryExecuter constructor.


How can I pass in the Hibernate Session?


Also, of what use is getBuiltinParameters() in the JRHibernateQueryExecuterFactory? This is just an array of String, Session, String, Object, and none of these are JRFillParameter.

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