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Dynamic evaluation of columns

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By: Vanishree Viswanath - vanishreehv

Dynamic evaluation of columns

2003-01-02 12:20



I have a requirment that needs to evaluate columns using values from result set and also a value that is out side the result set and is got from an XML file. This value is different for each row in the result set. How do I do it ? Can the fill manger help to fill these columns by doing the calculation in the javacode ?




Result set looks like.



code, processingTime


XML fields look like


code, maxProcessingtime


Report looks like.


code, % deviation in processing.



%deviation in processing = (maxProcessingtime - processingTime) *100 / maxProcessingtime



Thanks in advance.






By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Dynamic evaluation of columns

2003-01-06 08:41




There are at least two solutions fo this:


1) You create a custom data source for your report.

Check the "datasource" sample.


2) You use scriptlets. Check the "scriptlet" sample.


I'm sure you'll make your choice after fully

understanding both features of the library.


I hope this helps.


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