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band heigth limitation

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By: jmbu - bumessner

band heigth limitation

2006-04-13 04:26

Is there a possibillity to elude the band height limitation in iReport from a page (sum of all bands heigth of a page must be lower than the page)?

Our reports are constructed in that way, that the page header is printed always from page 2, on the first page the is only the title band (and detail band, page footer).

I don't want to displace most of the fields in subreports to maintain more clarity.



By: jmbu - bumessner

RE: band heigth limitation

2006-04-13 05:09

This could be a possible workaraound.

I just have to reasign the originial paper size after all changes.

Thanks for that hint.



By: mil_s - fuxia79

RE: band heigth limitation

2006-04-13 04:32

If you need to do it at design time, just change the page setting to custom size instead of A4 or letter. This way there is no fixed size that can limit band height.



By: Hathfuri - hathfuri

RE: band heigth limitation

2006-08-03 12:47

Out of curiousity did this work for you bumessner? I'm running into the same problem, however when I change the page size to custom it messes up when I print, because it's now larger than "letter".

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