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Export to PDF not aligned properly.

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By: Spocke - spocke_m

Export to PDF not aligned properly.

2006-07-12 04:52

While exporting the data in a table to PDF via JasperReports the data gets mis-aligned.


Below are the details,


No: of Columns: 7 (out of which the 1st and 7th column contains strings that are long)

No: of Rows in pdf report: Max 10

Jasper Version: 0.6.6


All the datas are getting printed properly, but the marker(horizontal line) seperating the each row is not aliged properly. It gets printed in the middle of the Row itself.





|c1 | c2| .................... | c7


|String to q this

|displayed is also


| another




Each row is de-marked by horizontal line. When the column value is too large they get expanded accordingly, but the row marker is not getting printed at the end. It gets printed in the middle.


Looking forward for your help.





By: Spocke - spocke_m

RE: Export to PDF not aligned properly.

2006-07-15 02:26

any help !!!

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