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Distinct count calculation type in crosstab

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By: gintonic - gintonic_007

Distinct count calculation type in crosstab

2006-07-05 13:11



I try to use the new calculation type "Distinct Count" (available since 1.2.4 relase) in a crosstab measure.


In my table datasource with columns (CATEGORY, TRANSACTION, ... ) i have for example the following rows : (Category1, Transac1 ... ), (Category1, Transac1 ... ), (Category1, Transac2 ... ), (Category2, Transac3 ... ).


I'm using IReport to edit my crosstabs properties :

I choose CATEGORY as the bucket expression to define my row groups. I have a single column group. I define a measure with TRANSACTION as the measure expression.


If i choose "Count" as the measure calculation type, i'll have for Category1 group the result "3" in the detail cell wich display the measure ( the number of TRANSACTION occurencies : Transac1, Transac1, Transac2).


Actually, i need to display the number of distinct TRANSACTION for each group, so i choose "DistinctCount" as the calculation type. I expect "2" for the measure in Category1 ( Transac1 & Transac2 ) but i get "0".

I thus get "0" for each rows


What's wrong ?


Thanks by advance



By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Distinct count calculation type in crosst

2006-07-07 08:43




This was indeed a bug.

Could you get the latest from CVS and try see

if the problem persist. I just commited a fix.


Thank you,





By: gintonic - gintonic_007

RE: Distinct count calculation type in crosstab

2006-07-13 14:34



It's working fine now. Thank you :)

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