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Empty reports with XML datasource

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By: sfdotnetaccount - sfdotnetaccount

Empty reports with XML datasource

2006-07-07 07:16



When I create a report with a XML datasource I get blank reports. I think it has something to do with the String recordPath and the field description. Therefore I was able the get names from persons on the report. But the name of the first person in the XML datasource is as many times repeated as the amount of the persons in the XML datasource. So I had 3 people in the XML datasource and 3 times I got the same name on the report.

Anyone ideas?


Kind regards, Rob



By: Vzern - vzern

RE: Empty reports with XML datasource

2006-07-07 09:30

I would say check your XPath expression.


I know the report will loop on the last level of your XPath expression.


ex. your expression: /report/level1/level2/detail and it will loop over the detail and print for every item under detail. So it might be possible you are refencing the first name 3 times in the detail section and the detail loops 3 times.

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