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Removing White space between Detail & footer

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By: Reddy - reddyas

Removing White space between Detail & footer

2004-09-29 08:49

Is there a way to eliminate the white space between detail and group footer.





By: Dima-A - davramenko

RE: Removing White space between Detail & footer

2004-09-30 15:43

I need answer to this too..


Even if my detail section is small just couple of rows.. And I want to do a total in the column footer.. There is a huge space between them...


HOw to suppress that space???







By: rpgmr - rpgmr

RE: Removing White space between Detail & foo

2004-10-03 19:26

I don't remember there's a space between my detail section and my group footer.





By: rpgmr - rpgmr

RE: Removing White space between Detail & foo

2004-10-08 03:45

Hi, I've just checked my report output after the group footer is properly implemented, there's indeed some space between the detail and group footer, sorry hehe :)


The space is around 4mm wide, not very huge. But I'm also trying to figure out how to remove the white space. I'll post my result if I can find a solution.





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Removing White space between Detail & foo

2004-10-10 03:09




It is about the group footer or the column footer?


Thank you,







By: rpgmr - rpgmr

RE: Removing White space between Detail & foo

2004-10-11 23:25

Ok, I've found my problem, not sure if it's same as yours.


I'm using subreport to simulate a table. In that subreport, I'm using group footer to work as either group footer or table footer, depending on the report design.


In my case, the text field in the detail section will stretch. When the text completely fills up exactly the width of a column, the JasperReports will create another blank line, thus the additional blank space.


If you create a rectangle as background, and set it to stretch to the highest object (which is the text field), you will see that the box actually occupy all the space including the space that I thought is blank space.


Maybe the engine think there's more text, but in fact it doesn't need to create another blank line when there's no more text to display at next line. Is this a bug?


My case (which I think) is also slightly different than others, because I'm using nested JRDesignElementGroup. I couldn't detect this blank space problem until I put everything into one flat group instead of nested groups:



For those who's using column footer, I don't know how to help. Cheers.

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