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Problem with long text

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By: BigFoot - francescq

Problem with long text

2006-06-26 03:21

Hello people,


I'm having problems making a report.


The problem is I have a text field witch can be very big. If text is not so long (the page size is enought to contain it) no problem, but if the text size is about several pages, all the subreport positions appears in wrong place, one subreport over another, and the sub reports appear another time in each report page...


I've tried to fix positions with common properties, tu uncheck "repeated values", and it doesn't works.




The report structure is:

Main Report

-Sub report 1

-Sub report 2

-Sub report 3 with long text.


I want the following structure:


MAin report,

Sub report 1

Sub report 2

sub report 3

page n:

Main report,

continuing sub report 3 long text field.


The version of jasperreports I have to use (company reasons) is jasperreports 0.5.1 and ireport 0.2.2


Thanks a lot!





By: subesingh - subesingh1

RE: Problem with long text

2006-06-26 08:31

Francesc ,

I am facing problem in using subreports in my main report. No error occur when i call my subreport , but subreport will not display i my main report.

i have spent lots of time on it, but unable to call report(with subreport) through java program.



I need to attach a header sub report and a footer sub report at the runtime to my main report and display the combined result. However , the sub reports dont get loaded and i dont get any error too. I am pasting the snippet of my code below my message for more clarity.


Please help me in calling Report(with Subreport)



Thanks in advance











By: BigFoot - francescq

RE: Problem with long text

2006-06-26 09:19



I think similar thing appended to me. The problem was I had a lot of space for de subreport and then (I don't know why) it disappeared. I reduced the space and no problem.


I can't help you more, I'm a newbie...


The question I posted is already fixed!





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