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Page Break for each Record in the Details Sec

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By: Saravanan - sarmal

Page Break for each Record in the Details Sec

2004-10-05 11:44

Dear Friends ,


we are using Jasper reports for the past 6 months.


In My Application , I have to Show a report in such a way , the detail part should Expand in Horizontal Direction .


So I have designed a subreport with 4 Columns in Horizontal Expansion .


I have got the Horizontal Expansion ,


But My requirement is ,


If I have 12 records in the subreport , It shows 4 records per row and Altogether 3 rows In the main report .


But I want to insert Page break for each row of the Details Band in Main report.


So these 12 recored will be shown in 3 pages , Each pages has One row with 4 records in a row.



Like ;


Page 1

Detail 1 2 3 4

End of page1


Page 2

Detail 5 6 7 8

End of page2



Page 3

Detail 9 10 11 12

End of page3


like this ,


So please tell me How to Give Page break for Each row in the Detail Section.










By: rpgmr - rpgmr

RE: Page Break for each Record in the Details

2004-10-06 21:31

I think the detail section is designed to repeat itself like table rows. I'm not sure if we can insert a page break without changing the JasperReport source code.


Normally, from what I read in this forum, when we want to do something special we will need to introduce dummy report elements to get the effect, such as using a dummy data group to get a page break.


By the way, you said you have designed a table that expands in horizontal direction, that means the number of column is dynamic?


Or did you just have 4 columns and actually rearranging the data before passing to JasperReport so that to simulate the effect of horizontal table but the number of column is fixed to 4?

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