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Strange Problem With Jasper Report

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By: Chetan - someone_genius

Strange Problem With Jasper Report

2004-10-02 03:46



I have created one class which deals with the all functions of jasper. Have one method which runs the report in the Report Viewer.

Code is


JasperViewer.viewReport(jrprintFile, false);


I am calling this method from the jsp in jsp page.


But when I do this from client machine, it opens the report viewer on the server.


I need that viewer should be open on client machine.


How to do this?



Chetan Parekh





By: rpgmr - rpgmr

RE: Strange Problem With Jasper Report

2004-10-03 19:24

Install viewer on client machine, spawn a new process and invoke the local program.





By: David Rudder - drig

RE: Strange Problem With Jasper Report

2004-10-04 11:09

The way you're doing it requires you to have the report viewer installed on the client. It would probably be better to return either an HTML or a PDF version, which you can be reasonably sure the client has support for. To do this, try:


byte[] report = JasperPrintManager.printReportToPdf(jrprintFile);


response.setContentType ("application/pdf");

response.getOutputStream().write (report, 0, report.length);


(This is assuming you're using servlets).



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