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Using connectionExpression w/ separate JCBCs

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By: kas76 - kas76

Using connectionExpression w/ separate JCBCs

2004-09-27 07:42

I have master report and a subreport getting data from two separate databases (Mysql and Lotus Domino), so I am using two separate JDBCs.


The subreport runs just fine separately, but I do not know what to write in the connectionExpression tag in the XML file of the master report.


I know that I have to pass a java.sql.Connection object to the subreport, and this works fine if the data sources are the same (by using the $P{REPORT_CONNECTION} parameter), but I do not know what to do in the current situation.


Probably I am just formulating it wrongly, but I can not find any example where the connectionExpression tag contains anything else than the aforementioned $P{REPORT_CONNECTION} value.


I can't imagine that I have to use a custom data source, since all I am doing is extract data with a regular SQL String Object.


Any help on this would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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