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By: jniemann42 - jniemann42

BMP quality

2006-06-22 12:48

I have a report that includes picture extraction from an Oracle database, where it is stored in a BLOB. I can get GIF, JPEG types out just by using a java.io.InputStream as the image type. For BMP that does not work, so I call javax.imageio.ImageIO.read($F{THE_BLOB}) to get those types of pictures out. This works, but there is a noticable quality reduction of the picture when I view it (either through JasperAssistant's viewer or through a custom Swing viewer in the WebStart application I normally use for Jasper). Has anyone else experienced this (and if so, how did you solve it)? The picture size is ~10 MB...I'm confused as to whether ImageIO.read() is cutting down the quality or if it is because it returns a BufferedImage and then gets turned into a java.awt.Image in the Report. I've looked at the API and message boards and couldn't find a solution, so if anyone has any ideas, I'd really appreciate it.



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