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Calling Oracle Stored Procs/Functions

2005 IR Help

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By: Nancy - deann

Calling Oracle Stored Procs/Functions

2004-03-04 16:01

We have a requirement to use either stored procedures/functions to source the data for our reports but I'm confused as to how the data is returned to Jasper. I've seen other threads which say that in a stored procedure a resultset will be returned but how? If you do a SELECT statement in a procedure with INTO variables/records then how is this data returned to Jasper? Or can we use an Oracle user-defined function and, if so how is this called?





By: rakhesh - rakheshg

RE: Calling Oracle Stored Procs/Functions

2004-03-17 01:19



In ur xml, the SELECT statement as well as the StoredProcedure can be used in the similar way. The SELECT statement /stored procedure call should be given in the <queryString> tag. And specify the fieldnames similar to the one you used to select the values from database tables. Jasper will take care of assigning the fields while filling the report.





By: ani - vijani

RE: Calling Oracle Stored Procs/Functions

2004-09-20 20:39

Can you please provide me an example of calling a stored procedure in oracle.



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