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Line loop example

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By: prancius - prancius

Line loop example

2006-06-16 05:07



I am expecting for help, i hope that in this forum exist good guys which will help me.


I want to make some little loop in detail section.

I need to have a sheet with empty lines. I do not want to have a static amount of lines, thats why i am not drawing few of them. I need to have some parameter. For example if i give a value for parameter 5 report will draw me 5 lines.


For example:



| | | |


| | | |


| | | |


| | | |



I would be glad if you point me to some exaple or give me some ideas. At this moment i do not know what components to use and so on


Thanks for help in advance



By: Code_Slave - code_slave

RE: Line loop example

2006-06-19 02:23

well you could just pass a number of blank lines to the detail band

and have a "--------" at the top of the detail band.


so if you want 5 rows of "------" , than you just pass 5 blank lines

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