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Passing fields into a sub report...

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By: Michael Bauer - mbabauer

Passing fields into a sub report...

2004-08-31 11:14

Can anyone help me pass a field to a sub report? I tried the following:


<subreport isUsingCache="false">
















<subreportParameter name="ComputerSysID">




<subreportExpression class="net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JasperReport"><![CDATA[$P{VUL_SUB}]]></subreportExpression>



The properties VUL_SUB is a JasperReport object and the VUL_SUB_connection is a java.sql.Connection object. When I pass in the subreport parameter ComputerSysID (its a String), the first thing I do is print it out in the sub report, but it is blank. If I print it out from the master report, using the field ($F{EP_HWID}), the value is there. Any thoughts.






By: Michael Bauer - mbabauer

RE: Passing fields into a sub report...

2004-08-31 12:10

Some more information:


I tried setting a variable to the value of the field, then using the variable, but it also failed the same way. If I hard-code the subreportExpression to a string, say "XXXXXXXX", it works. But, if I have any variable or field in the subreportExpression in any combination, it will not pass in any value.


For instance, I tried setting the expression to:


and the sub report printed "TEST", but if I set it to:


then the sub report would not print anything at all. The same is true if I remove the string and just try to pass in the field/variable.


I also tried creating a parameters map with the fillowing:

<parametersMapExpression><![CDATA[new HashMap().put("ComputerSysID",$F{EP_HWID})]]></parametersMapExpression>


This time I get a null value for the printout in the subreport.



Please, any assistance would be very appreciated.





By: Michael Bauer - mbabauer

RE: Passing fields into a sub report...

2004-09-14 08:32

Is no one having this problem? I still have not found a fix for this as of late. Can someone test on their systems using JasperReports 0.6?



Thanks in advance...

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