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By: dragon2009 - dragon2009


2006-06-06 08:47

Is there any special reason why

public static final FontRenderContext LINE_BREAK_FONT_RENDER_CONTEXT = new FontRenderContext(null, true, true);

is used in the TextRenderer class instead of grx.getFontRenderContext()??


When i use LINE_BREAK_FONT_RENDER_CONTEXT the Data size which was sent to the printer

is much bigger than the size when i use grx.getFontRenderContext().


LINE_BREAK_FONT_RENDER_CONTEXT size 3,5 MB sent to printer

grx.getFontRenderContext() size 200Kb sent to printer


Can someone explain this or discovered the same effect??


thx for your help






By: Lucian Chirita - lucianc

RE: TextRenderer

2006-06-12 04:40

Using a static context instead of the context from the current graphic environment was a fix for this bug:



The problem was that some text was rendered differently at different zoom ratios in JRViewer. The fix was to use the same (static) font renderer context as the one used at fill time to determine how the text breaks.


We'll have to reconsider this fix if it raises other issues. Could you post more information about your environment so that we can replicate the behaviour?




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