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Need Help in Create HyperLink Using JRHyperLI

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By: Mani - m24-j25

Need Help in Create HyperLink Using JRHyperLI

2006-06-09 03:02

Hai ,

I am mani,I am very new to this forum, I am from Chennai[india].


We have a Finacial Portal where we used Jasper Reports for generate Reports in pdf as well as Html.

In there Client can design Reports at Runtime and Executed it.So we are not using Jasper Report editor [ireport]to design reports and generate .jrml file.So we are using JasperDesign class and Design all Bands runtime deponds upon the User's Input.

Its works fine.we have not problem on that.


But we Need to put Hyprlink [anchor or reference to extenal Source] in JRTextField.


We go through Portal site for jasper and using google, we try to find samples in same.But we couldn't.


We tried with method avail in JRHyperLInk interface.but some where we made mistake.


So if You people have any kind of samples regarding this or can you please provide some instruction how to proceed. Like that.


We are waiting for a favourable Response....



D.Manikandan Dhandapani.

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