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Page Footer "Staying at the Bottom"

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By: CaptnTony - captntony

Page Footer "Staying at the Bottom"

2006-06-05 06:55

I'm attempting to create an 'invoice' report which makes use of many subreports.


The very first subreport (exec_summary) shows summary balances for the various components of the invoice. This subreport can be multiple pages long (generally only a single page though).


The issue issue I'm running into is the 'remit slip' section. First, I placed the information for the remit slip into the report's 'LastPageFooter' section, but it will not 'stay at the bottom' of the page. I've set the margins for the report to 0 all around as it is a subreport and it's location is fixed in the parent report. I do have something printing in the summary section as well, and it prints correctly 'above' the footer even though iReport 1.2.2 shows it below the footer in design view.


Is there a way to set a fixed page location for the information in the footer? I'm trying now to use a single text box as a test, and have set the 'PositionType' property to: fix relative to bottom. But when completed there will be much more than a single text box displayed there.


fyi: this is a phone bill invoice where the customer tears off the bottom of the bill to return with payment (if that helps invision what I'm trying to do.)


Thanks in advance



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