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Images not appearing sometimes

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By: Rodrigo Mascarenhas - cmascarenhas

Images not appearing sometimes

2006-04-24 04:43

Hi everybody...


My problem is that I have a report and this report has images. Some images are appearing sometimes and sometimes not. I mean...the same image that doesn't appear now, if I reload the report, appears. The images are in a directory in a server and I have the name of the images in my SELECT, so it's dynamic. Does anyone here know what is happening?


Thanks in advance,






By: Lucian Chirita - lucianc

RE: Images not appearing sometimes

2006-04-28 02:12



How do you view the report? Is it by HTML export, Swing viewer, or something else? And what do you mean by reloading the report?








By: kcyxa - kcyxa

RE: Images not appearing sometimes

2006-04-28 06:57

What if the report is viewed with the HTML Export from a servlet and images are not showing up. What are the most common problems with that happening?





By: Rodrigo Mascarenhas - cmascarenhas

RE: Images not appearing sometimes

2006-05-01 06:44

The report is exported as a PDF and I open using the browser + Adobe Acrobat Reader. When I say Reload Page, I mean open again the same page.




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