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Min Requirements

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By: Dave G - dgarratt

Min Requirements

2006-04-27 11:33

Since migrating to vers 1.2.2 from 1.2.1 I now need to include commons-javaflow-20060411.jar in my classpath. Is there a document which describes in simple terms what all the jars do in the dist directory and which ones I need to use in different circumstances.










By: Lucian Chirita - lucianc

RE: Min Requirements

2006-04-28 01:43

This is the requirements page:









By: Dave G - dgarratt

RE: Min Requirements

2006-04-28 06:55

I was aware of that page thanks. However as I mentioned my existing application failed to run without linking in commons-javaflow-20060411.jar when I moved to 1.2.2 and this is not mentioned on the requirements page. Indeed there are many more jar files in the "dist" directory that accompanies JasperReports than are mentioned in the requirements page. I was rather hoping someone could say which ones are used for what.


Thanks again







By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Min Requirements

2006-04-28 08:53




The Javaflow library was an unfortunate omission

from the requirements page at the time or the release.

We then updated the requirements on the website,

but did not renew the released files.


Sorry for the trouble.


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