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JasperReport With multiple Collections/List

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By: mpurswani - mpurswani

JasperReport With multiple Collections/List

2006-04-03 08:50

i have multiple collections objects in my program like




Collection collection1 = new ArrayList();




Collection collection2 = new ArrayList();




Collection collection3 = new ArrayList();




Collection collection4 = new ArrayList();




In these objects i am storing data returned from from 4 different Hibernate Queryies ( not from 1 query).




I want to display a PDF format report in JasperReport using these 4 Collection objests. On internet i got one example using Hibernate in Jasper or using only one Collection object in report. But in my case I have already got multiple Collection Objects. Could u plz tell me how to code for JasperReport for PDF format using these collections objects. Any code example or explanation will be a greate help for me.






Thank you






By: DarMe - darme

RE: JasperReport With multiple Collections/List

2006-04-09 06:28

Place all collections in one collection using as datasource.


Divide your report in one master and 4 subreports.

Take the 4 collections from your datasource inside your masterreport and put them as datasource of your subreports.


Hope it helps





By: snipex - snipex

RE: JasperReport With multiple Collections/List

2006-04-21 03:04

Any code examples for these please?

i have got the same problem here.


Thank you





By: sid NU - sudarshan_k

RE: JasperReport With multiple Collections/Li

2006-04-26 21:48

Do you have any code examples of using multiple collection lists using sub reports? Please let me know.

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