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big numbers in XLS

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By: BGD - bgd81

big numbers in XLS

2006-04-19 01:56

I need to export a report in XLS format, and some values are numeric (they are some kind of ids) and i need to see them as they are, but excel is converting them to an equivalent form. Example: id number 563546235645 is displayed as 5,63546E+11.


I tried to set/unset the IS_AUTO_DETECT_CELL_TYPE attribute but it has no effect whatsoever.

Apparently this problem can be solved by setting the cell format to Text (by default, all cells are in General format). How can i force the exporter to format all cells as Text ? Is there any other solution ? 10x





By: jasperkan - jasperkannan

RE: big numbers in XLS

2006-04-20 07:41

IS_AUTO_DETECT_CELL_TYPE is false , then all fields will be considered as text .

we faced issues with decimals since teh logic of checkingfor numbers is trivial in the JRXlsExporter . WE override export method in our custom implementation . u can also do that using

Jakartha POI APIs .

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