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Generating a CSV using CSV Data Source

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By: stone_cold - bssai

Generating a CSV using CSV Data Source

2006-04-19 04:15


My question may sound dumb or could be immatured but i have a problem to figure out.


I am using jsp/struts/hibernate to access the data and display it @ the end generating reports.Now i have a a report prepared in a flat file format with every field seperated with a comma and has strings (" ") around it. For better clearance if u look int o the demo/Samples/CSVDataSource folder of the JR1.2.0 src u will find a file called as CSVDataSource.txt


My output file is exactly similar to it.I can run the example file under the JR1.2 folder using the ant tasks provided. But here in i want to generate reports without using ant tasks for providing the arguments like type of format.


Comming to my problem is there any way tp generate report using the txt file that i have got. In the other sense i am getting the data from the hibernate d/b storing them in a Map and then into a file.How do go ahead w.r.t that. I already have the data with me and i dont want to requery by passing the select statements as given in the build.xml of the sample. And even i dont thnk we would be needing a .jrxml design file to genertate report for CSV file or a Tab-Delimited CSV.


I hope i was able to explain wat my problem is.


Austin Carter

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