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Best Data Source To Use.

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By: coolcatt_ - coolcatt_

Best Data Source To Use.

2006-04-07 06:56

Let me be clear, I'm a complete noob.


I represent an organization that does not wish to allow access to its database structure. So I am tasked with writing the code to populate the reports.


I want to make it as flexible as possible, and I'm wondering what the best route to explore would be.


XML - possibly the best option, however reports are slow. I would want to 'request' an XML file and have it generated by my servlet, and it would not exist in a static sense, only at a URL.



I got my first report working by making a vector and filling it with hashtables of fields, it worked great, but i'm conserned how to get data from child records. I'll learn this today I expect. (Grouping and subreports should allow this)


EJB's or JB's:

I'm most unfamiliar with EJB's at the moment, I know what JB's are. Its unclear to me atm how to use them effectivly.


Anyways, since you may have more experiance then me, what or where should I put my effort first?


Thanks, Cal





By: jasperkan - jasperkannan

RE: Best Data Source To Use.

2006-04-07 14:30

The easiest soln for u is to call a stored procedure from ur reports and let ur organization do what ever they want in the stored proc and return bak the result set .

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