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JasperReport PDF Font properties

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By: finzic - finzic

JasperReport PDF Font properties

2006-03-31 23:11

Hi all,

I am in the process of adding PDF conversion of JR documents in my app.

It all works fine, except for font properties.

All my Bold text gets converted in "no-bold" form,

in other words: the 'bold' property gets lost in the conversion...


Any suggestion?









By: Nacor - nacor

RE: JasperReport PDF Font properties

2006-04-03 01:24

Hi Luca,


there is no attribute "bold" for PDF, in PDF documents you are creating bold text with a special bold font.








By: Sanjeev Saha - sanjeevsaha

RE: JasperReport PDF Font properties

2006-04-03 05:47

Not sure about all the font support for PDF but you can use pdfFontName="Helvetica-Bold" in your <style /> for preserving the BOLDness when exporting to PDF.


Check out the documentation and samples for more examples of PDF fonts.








By: finzic - finzic

RE: JasperReport PDF Font properties

2006-04-03 07:19

Thank you Nacor,

I tried to change the PDF font of two labels and it got the right look in PDF.



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