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Some quick help on some questions please

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By: gliuzzo - gliuzzo

Some quick help on some questions please

2006-03-30 19:18

Please forgive me I am not a Technical Person (Director of IT) however am looking for some answers so I know if this product will work for me. I am looking to improve reporting within my application. We completely write this in house and are using Postgres as the database, or should I say databases. My application is run in an ASP model (Application Server Provider) I have over 300 customers and each have their own Database. The selection of which database to use for each customer is held in our security module. Now here are my questions


1) I would like to have a menu of reports on our web site that a user can access, each report could have a runtime option as in they might be asked for a date range, etc. This I assume would be like building the where clause in SQL.

2) Each report when ran will have to allow for the option to either be generated in Excel, PDF, HTML.

3) The database for the customer will have to be automatically selected and feed to the report engine.


As a recap, user would be presented a web page with a list of reports. The user would select a report and be presented with a few options. These options would have to be feed to JasperReports along with the database name.


Any help would be appreciated; I would like to get my staff working on some due diligence ASAP to see how well this is going to work.


FYI we use Weblogic, Linux, and Postgres








By: Denny Valliant - xenden

RE: Some quick help on some questions please

2006-03-30 20:59

Oh no! An IT Director! Just enough knowledge to be dangerous... ;-) (that's what mine always says)


I didn't see any questions in there, per se. If you are wondering if a scenario like that is possible, the answer is a big "yes".


Pretty much all of your questions relate to things outside of JasperReports itself, however. You could even take it step further, and store all customer report designs in the customer's database as well. Really, the possibilities are endless.


As for actually implementing (sp?) your questions, I'd recommend checking out ussrp.sourceforge.net, which is a project that utilizes ^JasperReports and does much of what you are asking about.


Starting there, and contributing to that project, would probably be a better idea than starting from scratch, in-house.

In my opinion, JR could use a nice, OpenSource "wrapper". USSRP looks promising... I like it for some reason. :-) If you throw some money or resources it's way, it could be even better.


Hope that sheds some light on your requests!






By: gliuzzo - gliuzzo

RE: Some quick help on some questions please

2006-03-31 03:31

Thanks, I will check it out. I am trying to move fast on this project and we could not figure out how to feed this information to JasperReports outside of the client it think they were using iReport. (Database name, Runtime options, Etc).


Thanks again

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