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By: RobertFL - rlamping

page / pages

2004-08-05 01:08

I would like to right align the page number and indicate the total number of pages.

If I use two text elements and preserve space for high number of pages then I get gaps.


If want the following result: ......1/6


How can I make this happen?






By: Emmanuel Okyere - eokyere

RE: page / pages

2004-08-05 15:34

this is answered on the tips and tricks section of the proj home page (http://jasperreports.sourceforge.net/tips.tricks.html#pagenumber)








By: C-Box - c-box

RE: page / pages

2004-09-03 12:41

That was not the question eokyere I guess he does know how to print the "page x of n" like in the tips & tricks section is shown.....


.... he was asking how to ALIGN the "page x of n" correctly...


I also do have the problem... if you want to align the "page x of n" to the RIGHT side of the report then you've got a problem because "page 1 of 100" takes much more space as "page 1 of 3" .... so how to RIGHT ALIGN the "page x of n" ??????




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