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Can't use ampersand & in jasper report

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By: bushrat - bushrat

Can't use ampersand & in jasper report

2006-03-21 15:42

if the text has '&' in it, it prints some garbage in front of the text. As an example:

<style isBold='true' pdfFontName='Times-Bold' size='12'>Black and Gold Emerald-</style>Test summary for Black & Gold Emerald

This is a Jasper report problem/xml bug(As '&' can't appear in literal form). As Jasper report Generates the xml and the xml can't handle '&'. I am trying to fix this Problem by modifying xml code from the .jrxml file. I searched on the web and on the https://sourceforge.net; but Couldn't find how people are solving this problem. Any Solution?



By: Nacor - nacor

RE: Can't use ampersand & in jasper report

2006-03-22 01:45

Replace the & with:

for static text: &

for textfield: &amp;

but just for fields with styled text on.

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