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Group with a problem in page break

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By: Ana - ana_abrantes

Group with a problem in page break

2006-03-10 12:06

I have a report which shows courses and classes (it's for a school).

The datasource basically consists of 2 fields: courseName and dateOfClass and it is ordered by the courseName.

So, I decided to use a group where the groupExpression=$F{courseName}, isReprintHeaderOnEachPage="true", minHeightToStartNewPage="51" and the group band height="35".

It works perfectly, but sometimes, I don't know why, it repeats the group header in next page even if the details for this group is over. In this page I have the group header for the last group and following the group header for the next group. Does anybody know how to solve this problem?



By: Ana - ana_abrantes

RE: Group with a problem in page break

2006-03-15 13:13

Nobody can help me ?


This problem is really bad because my boss didn't like such a horrible report.

There's no reason for repeating a group header if the group doesn't have any more records.


Is it a bug or should I set/unset some property to correct this ?



By: Denny Valliant - xenden

RE: Group with a problem in page break

2006-03-15 14:39

isReprintHeaderOnEachPage="true" may be your problem.


I'm gonna propose the same thing that I just proposed, that you try out a GUI like iReports and play with the available options for group and report elements, checking them, un-checking them, previewing the report...


Perfect stuff to cut your teeth on, and skills you will need if you are considering doing more reports in the future... sorry no specific solution for ya...




By: Ana - ana_abrantes

RE: Group with a problem in page break

2006-03-16 13:39

1) If I use isReprintHeaderOnEachPage="true", the group header isn't printed again in the next page when a group has a page break, and this is a requirement for this report.


2) I'm already using iReport 1.2.0 (and JasperReports 1.2.0) and playing with all possibilities available, but still without success.



By: Denny Valliant - xenden

RE: Group with a problem in page break

2006-03-17 13:58

Hmmm... sounds like something simple to do, sad I don't have an answer for you. For something similar I use a "printInFirstWholeBand" Stretch is "RelativeToBandHeight" detail is "allow split" but the dummy group I have wrapping the detial isn't splittable, and I have the "start on New Page" checked. I wanted just one element per page tho, I think you want to avoid needless header generation. Maybe play with the "allow split" checkboxes, and band/group heights, and minStartNewPage etc..

or you could post your jrxml and I can look at it, but no promises... :-/




By: C-Box - c-box

RE: Group with a problem in page break

2006-03-19 23:13

I think this problem occurs because of some elements that have space left between it's (Y+Height) and bandbottom.... if there is such an empty space (even if it's just one pixel) it can happen, that this space is moved forward to the next page... then the enginge recognized a page break... the group is NOT YET filled completly (because of the one pixel)... and the header is reprinted although no detail element is printed... but the emtpy space is also the group content...


So what I would try.... be sure, that you have no empty space betweeen bandbottom and last element(s) ... set all elements to "RemoveLineWhenBlank" and to "float" (if your total report design allows it)


I think this will solve your problems!






By: Ana - ana_abrantes

RE: Group with a problem in page break

2006-03-21 10:45

And it worked !


Thanks a lot, C-Box !

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