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lanching adobe with jasper

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By: James Taylor - djamest

lanching adobe with jasper

2006-03-16 08:10

Hi, I have a problem : if I start launching adobe with jasper in a JSP, Internet Explorer recognizes it as an ActiveX. But later I have to launch adobe in command line (with Runtime object) so that I can print the PDF. And I have a lot of problems : white page, being disconnected from the application, etc... It seems that there is a conflict between adobe launched as an activeX and adobe launched as a process in the command line. How can I do ?



By: David Duchaine - dduchaine

RE: lanching adobe with jasper

2006-03-17 12:19

What EXACTLY are you trying to do? Generate the report on the server and send it to the browser? What's the point of using the command line?



By: James Taylor - djamest

RE: lanching adobe with jasper

2006-03-20 05:49

U're right... There is no point using the commande line. It woul be better if I launch adobe as an activeX. But the problem is thet adobe sends a confirmation message when trying to print the document because, for adobe, it is a matter of security not to allow IE to print any document. How can I avoid this confirmation message (this message is displayed when u use adobe 5.1)

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