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PDF, images and memory usage

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By: David Duchaine - dduchaine

PDF, images and memory usage

2006-03-17 11:50

We currently generate a PDF brochure with approx. 50 pictures about 40kb in size. We use the FileVirtualizer for this purpose and memory consumed by the JasperFillManager.fillReport to obtain the JasperPrint object seems garbage collected.


However, when using JasperRunManager or JasperExportManager methods to export the report in PDF, memory consumption goes up and is never reclaimed by the garbage collector, eventually causing an OutOfMemoryError (after about 20-30 report generations).


Someone has any clue?


Jasperreport 1.2.0

iText 1.4

Image in the report definition is specified with the following expression:

new java.net.URL($P{image_repository_url} + "/" + $F{image}))





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