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white page on linux

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By: James Taylor - djamest

white page on linux

2006-03-15 10:02

on linux, i have from time to time a white page. This report contains 4 subreports; the whole thing works fine on Windows. I can't find out why the white page appears on linux. Who can help ?




By: Denny Valliant - xenden

RE: white page on linux

2006-03-15 14:25

Sounds like it could be the font metric issue.


Do a search through this forum for "font metrics" and you should get some hits. Basically I think the solution is to be sure you're using the same fonts within the report that JR/iText is using to figure out the report size, and it may be a best practice to include the font with your application... seems like that might cut down on this issue, or similar ones, but I'm really not too sure, that might just complicate stuff, requiring path edits or whatever.


Good luck!






By: James Taylor - djamest

RE: white page on linux

2006-03-16 01:34

Thanks, I re-designed the report and this time I took care about the font. (Others problems have disapeared) but is there a tool in which I can verify the design ? What is iText ?

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