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Load jasper versus jrxml design - performance

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By: andrey - letushka

Load jasper versus jrxml design - performance

2006-03-14 10:10

It's about very simple thing that can effect performance...

Imagine that you have some number of on-line users and you have two options:


1) Load jrxml design every time for each request to get lets say PDF report -or-

2) Compile jrxml file on the fly with the first hit and then point to .jasper file for subsequent requests.


Number 1) doesn't create temporary .jasper files but has to process jrxml files every time -> can stress performance


Number 2) creates temporary .jasper files, but probably doesn't stress performance that much.


Another question is whether by loading .jasper file you can use setter() methods to change some report defaults and get available report parameters? Basically whether

loading JRXML <=> loading JASPER


Which method would you choose, why and also please look at the last question.


Thank you!



By: Manfred Moser - mosabua

RE: Load jasper versus jrxml design - perform

2006-03-14 13:51

If you read the Ultimate Guide you will see that you should avoid on the fly report compilation (1) if at all possible.


For 2 you can even compile the jrxml at build time.. even better for performance.


for your last question... check out the API for JasperReport vs JasperDesign vs JasperPrint



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