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Fail when deploy on web

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By: YeungTakYan - takyan80

Fail when deploy on web

2004-07-31 00:48



I have a problem in web deployment. My code runs well in console, but fail in the web. It seems that there is some error during compiling.

The error message is "package dori.jasper.engine does not exist" during compiling.


Do you have any suggestion?? Thx.







By: Mykel Alvis - evilarchitect

RE: Fail when deploy on web

2004-08-06 14:06

This isn't enough information to answer the question, but the following are apparent:


1. You're compiling reports on the web server

2. The classpath of the compiler on the web server doesn't include the jasper reports jar.


This happens. You need the JR jar to be available during compilation, as well as the tools.jar from the JDK.





By: subsphoto - sunsphoto

RE: Fail when deploy on web

2004-08-24 20:54

dori is 0.5x version of jasper and use by ireport!


0.6 version is start with nf!





By: Adam - zzy740218

RE: Fail when deploy on web

2004-08-25 08:04

Hi, YeungTakYan:


give a little more information about you problem. Such as your system settings. I met the same issue as you meet before. So, if you could give more information. I maybe able to give you some my experiences.



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