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How to use jasper report with tomcat

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By: subsphoto - sunsphoto

How to use jasper report with tomcat

2004-08-23 05:30

Dear all,


I am new to jasper report and find that it is very diffcult to get jasper report to run! Is there any simple tutorial can help?


Here is my step!

1. I create a a.jrxml report in ireport 0.32 and compile it to a.jasper.

2. I test it can run and then move to tomcat webappsrootjr

3. I also move those libjasper jar files into webappsrootWEB-INFlib

4. Then I run localhost:8080jra.jasper


and get following error in screen!

秒srdori.jasper.engine.JasperReport>?L compileDatatLjava/lang/Object;L compilerClasstLjava/lang/String;xr$dori.jasper.engine.base.JRBaseReport>? I bottomMarginI columnCountI columnSpacingI columnWidthZisSummaryNewPageZisTitleNewPageI leftMarginB orientationI pageHeightI pageWidthB printOrderI rightMarginI topMarginBwhenNoDataTypeL backgroundtLdori/jasper/engine/JRBand;L columnFooterq~L columnHeaderq~L defaultFontt!Ldori/jasper/engine/JRReportFont;Ldetailq~[fieldst[Ldori/jasper/engine/JRField;[fontst"[Ldori/jasper/engine/JRReportFont;[groupst[Ldori/jasper/engine/JRGroup;Lnameq~L pageFooterq~L pageHeaderq~[ parameterst![Ldori/jasper/engine/JRParameter;L propertiesMaptLjava/util/Map;LquerytLdori/jasper/engine/JRQuery;LscriptletClassq~Lsummaryq~Ltitleq~[ variablest [Ldori/jasper/engine/JRVariable;xp>>JS>>sr"dori.jasper.engine.base.JRBaseBand>?IheightZisSplitAllowedLprintWhenExpressiont!Ldori/jasper/engine/JRExpression;xr*dori.jasper.engine.base.JRBaseElementGroup>?LchildrentLjava/util/List;L elementGroupt#Ldori/jasper/engine/JRElementGroup;xpsrjava.util.ArrayListxa?>Isizexpw xp>psq~sq~w xp>psq~sq~>w sr"dori.jasper.engine.base.JRBaseLine>?>B directionxr,dori.jasper.engine.base.JRBaseGraphicElement>?BfillBpenxr%dori.jasper.engine.base.JRBaseElement>?IheightZisPrintInFirstWholeBandZisPrintRepeatedValuesZisPrintWhenDetailOverflowsZisRemoveLineWhenBlankBmodeB positionTypeB stretchTypeIwidthI>xI>yL backcolortLjava/awt








By: Chuck Deal - cdeal

RE: How to use jasper report with tomcat

2004-08-23 05:51

*.jasper is not a file type that Tomcat knows how to handle.


You need to use a JSP or a Servlet to run your report, you cannot simply point a browser at the file.


There is a webapp sample in the Jasper distribution





By: subsphoto - sunsphoto

RE: How to use jasper report with tomcat

2004-08-24 20:43



I try those in webapp and can view the report!

Is there any code example of printing the report or convert it to excel/pdf in tomcatcat/ie



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